Parents quotes

“Thank you so much for assisting Jake through the placement, I haven't seen him so happy and engaged. Jake is seriously considering an apprenticeship now, which I am really supportive of.”
Liz Vardy – Parent, work-wise Summer Camp (2015).

“Just a note to thank you all for helping Jay. We never imagined it would have such a positive outcome. my wife and myself are very proud of what Jay has done and very grateful for your help.” 
Andy Smith - Parent, work-wise Summer Camp (2015).



“Many thanks for allowing Ahmed to be on the work-wise summer camp 2014. It was an experience he will never forget. The work placement at Tinsley Bridge Group was so well organised and Ahmed took pride in his work because I'm sure of the professionalism showed from the work-wise team and from his work placement.”
Salley Emerson - Parent, work-wise (2014).



"Andrew seemed to turn into a man over night and is now feeling brave enough to set up more work experience.  Thank you for all your hard work."
Emma Coldham - Parent, work-wise (2014).

"I can't believe the camp is over with, Alfie has really enjoyed it and I'm so pleased that he has after being reluctant at first, it has been a fantastic experience for him and given him some valuable skills."
Kay Fairest - Parent, work-wise Summer Camp (2014).



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