Young Peoples quotes

"Excellent, Brilliant, better than I could ever have imagined. It is an experience never to be forgotten. There is nothing that I would change, it is simply the best experience of a lifetime”
Jay Smith - Student, work-wise Summer Camp (2015).


 –" It was such a fantastic, beneficial experience and I am very grateful.  It was the best way to spend two weeks in my summer holidays! It was very beneficial.”
Georgiana Cuthbertson-Beet - Student, work-wise Summer Camp (2015).



“The work- wise summer camp is definitely an invaluable experience.”
Oliver Godley - Student, work-wise Summer Camp (2015).



"I gained experience as to how to greet many employees and learn new skills that I cannot learn in school and therefore needs to be taught by other people.  It also helped me be more confident in the outside world.”
Dona Jose Jacob – Student, work-wise Summer Camp (2015).



"It's made me realise that engineering is the future and something I want to pursue after my A levels."
Clayton Humphrey- Jennings.

“I learned a lot during the days and I feel I could go on and use this knowledge later on in life. I really enjoyed it and my placement.”
Valentia Adarkwa-Afari – Student, work-wise (2015).




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