What we do

work-wise is an employer inspired and led initiative for engineering, manufacturing, technology and related sectors to support the development of children and young people so they have the knowledge, skills, aptitude and opportunities for employment.

Inspired, influenced and developed by employers to contextualise learning to our world, for life and for work.

For Primary Education

Experiential project based learning to raise aspirations and develop understanding of:

  • STEM
  • world of work
  • careers and employability

to unlock potential and improve attainment.


KS1 + KS2 + Transition



For Secondary, FE and HE

Real insights into the world of work.


Curriculum aligned employer partnerships and projects to support:

  • Careers and PHSE
  • Employability
  • STEM


KS3 + KS4 + KS5 + Transition & apprenticeships + HE & FE


For Young People and Parents

Schools out... so try our practical, interactive learning 

experiences with employers to complement education, designed to:

  • Introduce
  • Inspire
  • Inform

and prepare young people for life and work.




Employer Training, HR & Consultancy

Attract, recruit, develop and retain young talent.

  • Apprenticeship mentoring training
  • Demystifying apprenticeships
  • 1:1 coaching
  • H&S and Safeguarding
  • Employer toolkit
  • Specialist HR support and forum
  • Bespoke support


Employer Education Collaboration

Making it easy, relevant, enjoyable and impactful.

  • Why?
  • What?
  • How?
  • Where?
  • When?


  • Toolkits
  • How to guides
  • Training
  • Specialist support

for employers and educators.

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