For Primary Education

Experiential project based learning, to raise aspirations and develop understanding of:

  • STEM
  • world of work
  • careers and employability

to unlock potential and improve attainment for KS1, KS2 & Transition whilst developing employer partnerships

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths)


STEM brought to life through project inspired learning aimed to compliment holistic curriculum content. work-wise unique STEM model developed by employers to show the relevance of STEM for life and work through hands on co-planned projects with employers and teachers. Interactive, engaging experiential learning.



World of Work - Junior Careers


Hands on interactive games, quizzes, activities aimed at increasing children’s awareness about different jobs & careers to raise aspiration, develop ambition and show the importance of learning for life and for career. Age appropriate lessons delivered in

partnership with employers.



Employability (KS2)


Introducing skills, abilities and attributes for life and work in an age appropriate way. Children create their own employability cards, badges, posters accompanied by a recognition programme for them to self assess alongside teachers. Developing self esteem, confidence, communication skills, and resilience through activities, projects and assignments in partnership with employers.



Developing Employer Partnerships


Employer engagement to support, governance, leadership, teaching and complimentary curriculum content.  Innovative and progressive approaches through:


  • 3-P Capital model for Leadership;
  • The Employer & Teacher Exchange;
  • CPSR Governance Framework;
  • Curriculum inspired employer projects;
  • Customised training, support and consultancy to develop Education: Employer partnerships.


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